Volume 137

  The film Das Lied der Ströme was made in 1954 in the German Democratic Republic at the DEFA studio of historical and documentary films by Dutch director Joris Ivens. The premiere was held in Berlin on 17 September 1954. The Soviet version of the film, entitled “Song of the Great Rivers”, was made in Moscow at the Central Documentary Film Studio (CDFS) and released in the Soviet Union in November 1954.
  There are several versions of the film’s title: “Song of the Great Rivers” in the film credits, “Seven Rivers” in the author’s manuscript, and “Unity” in a number of catalogues and printed materials.

  The film Five Days, Five Nights, dedicated to the history of the rescue of paintings from the Dresden Gallery, was made in 1960. It was the first joint feature film created by Soviet and German filmmakers at the Mosfilm and DEFA studios (GDR).
  The film was released on 27 February 1961 and was shown nationwide, it was repeatedly broadcast on Soviet television.

Edited by Viktor Ekimovsky,
Explanatory Articles by Olga Dombrovskaya.

“Song of the Great Rivers”. Op. 95 “Five Days, Five Nights”. Op. 111