New Collected Works Symphonies

Symphony No 12. Op. 112. Score.

Volume 12

Symphony, officially subtitled The Year 1917,
for full symphony orchestra in four linked movements.
Edited by Victor Ekimovsky. Explanatory Article by Levon Hakobian.

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1. Revolutionary Petrograd   Moderato—Allegro attacca
2. Razliv   Adagio attacca
3. “Aurora”   Allegro attacca
4. The Dawn of Humanity   L’istesso tempo


Piccolo ( = Flute III), 2 Flutes, 3 Oboes, 3 Clarinets (B flat and A), 3 Bassoons (III = Contrabassoon)

4 Horns, 3 Trumpets, 3 Trombones, Tuba

Timpani, Triangle, Side drum, Cymbals, Bass drum, Gong

1st Violins (16–20), 2nd Violins (14–18), Violas (12–16), Cellos (12–16), Double-basses (10–14)


Approx. 40 min.


Most likely composed from June 1960, completed on 22 August 1961, at Moscow, for the twenty-second Soviet Communist Party Moscow Convention held in October 1961.


To Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

This publication is based on the first edition of the score (Sovetsky kompozitor Publishers, Moscow, 1961), proofread by the author. The music text was collated with the author’s manuscript that is kept in Dmitri Shostakovich’s Archive (rec. gr. 1, inv. 1, f. 46). When necessary, the edition: D. Shostakovich, Collected Works, Vol. 6, Muzyka Publishers, Moscow, 1980 was also taken into account.