Dmitri Shostakovich: Chronicles of His Life and Work, in 10 vols., Vol. 2 (1931-1935)


The book represents the life and work of one of the greatest composers of the XX century as part of the reference and biographical genre of the chronicle.

   The publication is based on official documents, the epistolary of Shostakovich and others, autographs of the composer's works, memoirs, concert programs, posters and other materials stored in public and private archives in different countries; many of them are introduced into scientific circulation for the first time. The volume uses materials from Soviet and foreign periodicals, and most of the responses of the foreign press to Shostakovich's music have not been previously published in Russian specialized literature.
   The second volume of the "Chronicle" reflects the main events of the social and artistic life of the USSR in those years, thanks to which the life and work of D. D. Shostakovich appear in a broad historical context.

Irina Shostakovich, Manashir Yakubov, project initiators
Irina Shostakovich, project coordinator and sponsor
Lyudmila Kovnatskaya, editor-in-chief
Mikhail Aleynikov, Valeriya Velichko, Natalya Gradoboyeva, Olga Digonskaya, Lyudmila kovnatskaya, Larisa Miller, editorial board members
Larisa Miller, executive editor
Olga Digonskaya, Galina Kopytova, Laurel E. Fay, referees